New way
of living.

Change the way you live life, closer to nature.

Modular, sustainable, premium.

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Our philosophy for arks

Back to nature

What's Ark-

Ark-Shelters are prefabricated, fully finished, modular units. By a lake, deep in a forest, at the edge of a field, a steep mountain hill or your city rooftop! Make your dream come true, installed in one day, no extra on-site work.

The shelters are built in one piece, which gives the incredible mobility to reach your dream location. Modularity ensures that over time you can grow your Ark to your needs. The units are created by craftsmen in our factory.

We have ideal conditions and are able to reach the highest details and reduce production time. Which allows us to keep control of the price, remove any onsite construction constraints and make your dream home, on time, on budget, at the highest quality possible.

Look around in the ark-shelter